IISRR- IJR; Vol-4; Issue-II; Special Issue-August 2018

A Title Page & Editorial
1 1. Rita Sinha DasguptaInnovation Towards The Emerging Trends In Teacher Education
2 2. Partha Karmakar & M.M. ChelSome Reflection on The Priority Arears of Research on Teacher Education
3 Abhijit Kumar Pal
4 4. A. SuneethaInnovation In Teacher Education
5 5. Nivedita Talukder & Asit Kr. Das-Teacher Education And Impact of Microteaching Skills In Teaching-learning Process
6 6. Debarshi SinhaInnovation in Teacher Education at The Primary and Secondary Education Level : Trend Analysis.
7 7. Ramita SahaEvolution of Commissions and Policies Related to Teacher Education after Independence
8 8. Rakesh Manna & Jayanta Mete – Implementing E-Learning in Quality Teacher Education Programme in India
9 9. Abhijit BhattacharyaRequired Reforms In Teacher Education
10 10. Rajib Mondal & Pranati Mistry – Impact of Globalisation and Teacher Education in Present Time
11 11. Sumita ChaudhuriRole of Educational Technology in Teacher Education Programme
12 12. Arun Kumar MandalRole of ICT for Teacher Education in The 21st Century
13 13. Ranjusree SarkarICT : To Develop The Modern Teacher Education In India
14 14. Uma BhattacharyaICT In School Education
15 15. Arunava GhoshInnovative Practices In Teacher Education
16 16. Sanjay Sarkar, Jyoti Narayan Patra  & Jayanta Mete – A Study on Quality, Effectiveness and Innovation inTeacher Education
17 17. Moumita Hazra &  Jayanta Mete – The Role of Open and Distance Learning in Teacher Education Programme in India
18 18. Abhijit Ghosh & Jayanta Mete – ICT Integration In Teacher Education: A New Dimension
19 19. Nirmal Kumar SarkarEducation Through Distance and Open Mode: A Systematic Study of an Alternative Education System
20 20. Arnab Chowdhury &  Jayanta Mete – Innovative Practice In Teacher Education : A Study
21 21. Soma PalTeacher Education Through Innovative Practice In Education
22 22. Prianka Sengupta, Kunal Kanti Hazra & Modan Mohan Chel – A Comparative Study on The Teacher Competency of Prospective Teachers in Teachers Education Institutes
23 23. Arpita MukherjeeTeacher Education Through Distance Mode
24 24. Kunal Kanti Hazra,  Modan Mohan Chel & Jayanta Mete – Technology Pedagogy Integration in Teacher Education
25 25. Sanjoy GhoshUsing Technology (ICT) in Empowering  Teachers for Quality Education
26 26. Santosh Kumar DawnA Novel Attempt to Bridge The Gap Between School-Education And Teacher-Education
27 27. Sohini BhattacharyyaConcept of Teacher Education in India
28 28. Papia SahaComparetive Analysis of Npe 1986 & New Education Policy 2016 in The Context of Teacher Education
29 29. Amina KhatunTechnology In Education : A Study
30 30. Amina KhatunHigher Education-issues & Challenges : A Study
31 31. Pratim Maity,  Rahul Nath & Pramod Maiti – A Study on Job Satisfaction Level of Teacher Educators in West Bengal
32 32. Sahin Sahari–  Teacher Education And Five-Year Plans
33 33. Jinat Rehana-Role of Teacher In University Education
34 34. Jayati Maiti & Moumita Mondal – Relevance of Educational Thoughts of Swami Vivekanand In Contemporary Education Systems
35 35. Somdyuti RakshitCurrent Teacher Education Institutions in Eastern Region: Special Preference to West Bengal
36 36. Manab SenA Critical Analysis of Innovative Idea’s on Teacher Education By The Indian Philosophers in 20th Century
37 37. K. KadambiniThe Role of Teacher And Teacher Education Institutions in The Emerging Indian Society
38 38. Md Motiar Rahaman & Modan Mohan Chel – Trends of Teacher Education Curriculum in West Bengal Since Independence
39 39. Kazi Rabiul Islam,  Shuchita Sharmin & Aminul Quayyum – Importance of ‘teachers’ Training Program’ and Its Core Challenges Towards Sustainable Development Regarding Quality Education For Secondary Level In Bangladesh
40 40. Mollika HamiraDistance Learning in Modern Technology
41 41. Sujan Biswas–  The Right To Inclusive Education For Children
42 42. Sourav ChatterjeeB.Ed College Libraries as Learning Resource  Centre (IRC) in West Bengal
43 Tanmoy Basu – The Changes of Three-dimensional Relationships Between Student- Teachers and Teacher-educators and Its Core-periphery Situations in Bachelor of Education Curriculum In India: A Perceptual Study on West Bengal from Pre-ncte to Post-ncte Period in India
44 44. Farha HasanTeacher Education in India : Challenges and Prospects
45 45. Md Afruk SkThe Role of Teachers in Different Cultures and Societies
46 46. Biswajit MandalNew Trends of Research in Teacher Education
47 47. Anup BiswasA Study on The Importance of Yoga Education for B.Ed. Students
48 48. Aloke MondalICT in Teacher Education
49 49. Asit Kumar JanaInnovative Models And Practices in Teacher Education-A Review
50 50. Basudeb Mandal & Jayanta Mete – Role of ICT as Innovative Agent in Teacher Education in Global Perspective
51 51, Bablu PalBridging The Gap Between Teacher Education and School Education
52 52. Tina MondalModernisation of Technology For Teacher Education in 21st Century
53 53. Sudipta GhoshTeacher Education Through Open and Distance Learning: Opportunities & Challenges
54 54. Habib SK & Ashoke Kumar Biswas – Analysis of Difference in Performance in Selected Soccer Skills Among Players of Different Positions
55 55. Utpal Bera–  Innovation to Multiple Intelligence in the Class Room
56 56. Ahana ChakrabortyApostle of Teacher and Education for Quality and Holistic Development of Personality of A Child
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