IISRR-IJR; Volume- 6; Issue-II, August 2020; Special Issue on Impact of Coronavirus Pandemic

A) IISRR- IJR, Vol-6; Issue -II; August-, 2020, Title & Content

1. Sudhakar Agarkar – From Social Distancing to Distance Education

2.Mridul De – Life Endangered in Catastrophic COVID-19 – Political Engrossment in Hindutava…

3.Sibsankar Jana- Impact of COVID-19.. … – Role of LIS professionals … normalizing situation..

4.Tapas Kr. Chatterjee – COVID 19 Pandemic and the Shifting Paradigm in Higher Education

5.Subhasish Sahu- COVID-19 Pandemic & Rotational Shift Work – Impact on Physical & Mental Health…

6.Tamal Kanti Chowdhury & Sujit K. Bhattacharya- What we know about COVID-19

7.Kabita Choudhury – An Overview of Medical and Epidemiological Aspects of COVID-19

8.Sudarshan Sen- Nature of Evolution of Z.Virus, Treatment of Covid-19 Patient & Surgery…

9.Soumita Chel & M.M. Chel- COVID-19 – A Statistical Study of the Pandemic Scenario ….

10.Santwan Chattopadhyay – Challenges of Handling Municipal Public Relations ..

11.Dipankar De – Impact of Covid-19 on the Educational Sceneat Sagardwip

12.Abir Chattopadhyay- Understanding Covid-19 Pandemic – A Cultural Study to decode the process …..

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