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Guidelines for Author(s)

Articles, Research Papers, Case Studies and Review Reports on any emerging issues etc. are invited from Academicians, Practitioners, Technocrats, Research Scholars, Corporate and Practitioners with substantial experience and expertise in their respective fields of works & researches for publication in the IISRR -International Journal of Researches (IISRR-IJR).

As IISRR-IJR is an International Research Journal, it is exclusively published in English. However, research findings in vernacular subjects may be published in their respective language only. We would request to send us your Article(s) along with following particulars to the following Address for peer-review before publication in the said Journal.

  • Soft and Print Copies of the Article /Paper : in Times New Roman Font; Size 12-point.
  • Page Limit : Article shall be within 4 to 8 pages, having 1.5 spacing.
  • Diagramme(s) / Graphs : These shall be in free-hand format, and size not more than 2” X 3”;
  • Tables : Insert Tables; Table No.. and Caption shall be given.
  • Images : Shall be clear and distinct.
  • References : References to be mentioned following APA Style at the end of the Article, and Foot Notes in each Page.
  • Plagiarism Certificate : Author(s) has/have to check the Plagiarism of their Articles, and certificate shall have to be sent with the Articles.
  • Microsoft Word file of the Article shall be sent to Editor in Chief by email : Please include Authors Name, Affiliation, Phone- Mobile No, email ID. Please send both Word and PDF files.
  • Subject in which the paper is to be included on front page.
  • Copyright Agreement Form duly sign by all the Author(s) : Download Copyright Agreement Form.



The Editor in Chief
International Journal of Researches
Indian Institute of Social Reform & Research
P-14, Regent Estate, Flat- 3B
Kolkata- 700092, India , email:
(M) 91- 9433082740,   Phone : +91-8910860472


A) Manuscripts:

All Manuscripts of Research Articles, Case Study Reports, Project Reports, etc. must be sent in Microsoft Times New Roman (font size 12) in single column and 1.15 spacing on one side of A4 paper with margins of at least one inch on all sides. Authors should submit one soft copy through email ( ) and a hard copy of their manuscripts to the Editor in Chief by post.

B) Title/ Cover Page of the Article:

Manuscripts of the Paper should have a cover page providing information about the followings-

i) Title of the paper                     :

ii) Paper to be published under Subject Group (as mentioned above):

iii) Name of the Author(s)          :

iv) Full Postal Address of Author(s)             :

v) Phone No & Fax, Mobile      :

vi) Email ID                               :

C) Abstract:

‘Abstract’ should contain the Title of Paper, the subtitle(s) “Abstract” or summary on the A4 paper in single column and single space, printed in Microsoft Times New Roman (font size 10)  not exceeding 200 words along with three to four key words. The text of the paper should not start on this page, but on a fresh page.

Key words: Main Keywords shall be mentioned just below the Abstract.

Abbreviations: Notable Abbreviations and their full form are preferred to mention just below the Keywords.

D) Body of the Article:

Headings and Sub-Headings with Numbering are preferred.

[A tentative Format is given bellow, but should not be restricted within the following framework.]

  1. Introduction:
  2. Aims & Objectives:
  3. Literature Review/Previous Studies/ Research:
  4. Methodology:

      4.1 Sample Designing/ Planning-

      4.2 Tools Used…

      4.3 Survey / Experiment Conducted…..

  1. Data Collections and Analysis,
  2. Interpretation of Results….
  3. Findings and Recommendations, etc…
  4. Limitations….

E) Diagram, Figures, Chart, Tables:

Each diagram, figure, chart and/ or table should be numbered, titled and positions should be indicated in the text on a separate line with the words ‘Table-1 about here’/or ‘Diagramme-1 here’ etc. Both soft and hard copies (of diagrams, figures, charts, tables etc.) shall be sent along with the script.

F) References :

References should be cited in the style prescribed in the publication manual of the American Psychological Association (APA Guidelines). Please visit URL:

G) Foot Notes :

Foot notes shall be mentioned in each page, by using the ‘References’ tool bar[[1]] shown on the top of the  of the Laptop/ Desktop.  Corresponding  Last Word to be Marked as power[1]/  [2]/  [3]… by using X2 tool bar[[2]] of the Computer.

[Please see the Foot Notes [1] and [2] are noted at the bottom of this page]

H) Hard & Soft copies of final manuscripts:

Author(s) needs to send both hard and soft copies of the Paper(s), along with “Copy Right Declaration Form”, duly signed by the author(s) and prescribed fees for publication.


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 Special Issues of the Journal is being published time to time, in collaboration with any Institutes/ Organizations, on any Specific Topics /Events/ Proceedings of Specialized Conference, Papers Presented at Seminars, Symposia and Workshops.


The IISRR doesn’t charge any fee or cost towards publication of Article(s) in the IISRR-International Journal of Research from September 2020. Publication cost for both e-Version and the Print Version of the IISRR-IJR are borne by the IISRR from their own funds; out of collections of Membership Fees and Donations received from the well-wishers.


PDF copies of Transcripts of Articles and the link for the e-Version of the Journal are being sent to each corresponding Authors. Corresponding Authors are advised to collect one Print copy of the Journal against each Article from the Office of the IISRR. However, Postage / Airmail Charges for sending Print Copy and Cost for extra copies of Print Version if any) of the Journal have to be borne by the Authors, if they desire so.



(i) Individual Membership:

a) Yearly: Indian– Rupees Three hundred (Rs.300/-) :  Foreigner :USD $7

b) Life Membership: Indian- Ten thousands (Rs.10,000/-) ;  Foreigner :USD $200

(ii) Organization/ Institutional Membership:

a) Yearly: Indian- Rupees Five hundred (Rs.500/-) :   Foreign Organization :USD $15

b) Life Membership: Indian Ten thousands (Rs.15,000/-)  :  Foreign Organization :USD $300



Well-wishers / Institutions / Organizations are requested to send DONATIONs to the IISRR and/ or the Journal- IISRR-IJR towards promotion of several activities of the IISRR, publication of the Journal and/ or any other specific Academic Activities.



Membership Fees / Donations, etc. are to be paid directly (through RTGS/NEFT) to the following SBI Bank Account, or in the form of Bank Draft/ Cheque, drawn in favour of “Indian Institute of Social Reform & Research”, payable at Kolkata.


Details for RTGS/ NEFT to SB A/C of IISRR

Payment in favour of    : Indian Institute of Social Reform & Research”, payable at Kolkata

Bank                                 : State Bank of India, Jadavpur University Branch, Kolkata

Branch Code                   : 93

SB A/C No.                     : 33887328175

IFS Code                         : SBIN0000093

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(for foreign transaction)



  1. IISRR-International Journal of Research – all issues free of cost.
  2. 25% Fees concession for publication in Journal.
  3. All Publications @25% concessional rate.
  4. Participation in general Seminars, Symposium, Workshops etc. organized by IISRR free of cost.
  5. Participation in National/ International Seminars, Symposium, Workshops etc. organized by IISRR (Cconcession@25%)

Procedure of Peer Review of the Articles

& Selection of Articles for Publication


  1. Step-1: Receiving of Papers/ Articles:

All types of Articles / Papers/ Study Reports are collected by the Editor-in-Chief.


  1. Step-2: Meeting of the Editorial Board:

Generally, Editor-in-Chief convenes a meeting of the members of the Editorial Board (online meeting) and discusses about the received articles; and classified those Articles according to different disciplines. Sectional Co-Editors are assigned to review primarily and to select the papers, which can be sent to the Reviewers for their observations. Sectional Co-Editors submit a panel of 3-4 Reviewers of their respective discipline.


  1. Step-3: Sending of Articles to the Reviewers:

As per recommendations of the Sectional Co-Editors, Chief Editor (his office) send request letters to two/ three Reviewers along a soft copy of the primarily selected articles and an evolution sheet/proforma for his/her review reports.


  1. Step-4: After receiving the Reviewers’ Report:

After receiving the Review Reports, Sectional Co-Editors compile the Reports and select the Papers/ Articles which are to be published-

  • Without any editing;
  • Minor Editing needing and Editor(s) may edit;
  • Major Editing needed and article to be send back to the Author(s);
  • Not Publishable.


  1. Step-5: Intimation to Authors:

Chief Editor sends intimation to the Authors along with consolidated Review Report, as per recommendation of the Sectional Co-Editors, and asked them to revise/ re-edit/ make necessary correction of their Articles. They are asked to make Plagiarism Checking and submit the overall report   along with the Edited Article.

6. Step-6: Final Selection of the Articles for Publication :

  • Plagiarism Checking is made almost all publishable Articles/ Papers; if Authors don’t submit the Plagiarism Certificate.
  • Final Selection of the Articles is being made by the Chief Editor and the concerned Sectional Co-Editors.
  • As per instruction of the Chief Editor, arrangement of the articles/papers in the Journal, both in Print and Online Versions are being made.