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1. Sciences, Education & Health Sciences:

i) Bio-Sciences, ii) Medical Sciences& Clinical research, iii) Bio-Technology, iv) Chemistry, v) Education, vi)  Environmental Sciences & Management, vii) Fishery & Animal Sciences, viii) Geography, ix) Home Sciences, x) Mathematics, xi) Pharmaceutical Science, xii) Physics, xiii) Psychology& Behavioral Science, xiv) Statistics, and allied subjects.

2. Engineering & Technology:

i) Architecture & Conservation Engineering, ii) Civil / Chemical/ Bio-Chemical Engineering, iii) Computer Engineering& Applications, iv) Electrical Engineering, v) Electronics , vi) Information Technology, vii) E-Governance, and allied subjects.

3. Social Sciences:

i) Research and Innovations in ancient and modern Languages & Linguistics, ii) Ethnical & Value Education, iii) History, iv) Human Resource Development, v) Library &Information Sciences, vi) Philosophy, vii) Political Sciences, viii) Sociology & Rural Development, and allied subjects.

 4. Finance, Law & Management Sciences:

i) Accounting & Management, ii) Economics, iii) Finance, iv) Marketing-Sales-Business& HR Management, v) Laws, Patent & Rights, vi) Human Resource Managements, vii) Business /Organization Management, viii) Educational Management, and allied subjects.

5. Art, Culture, Fine Arts & Visual Arts:

i) Art & Cultural Heritage, ii) Dance, iii) Music & Songs, iv) Designing & Fashion Studies, and allied subjects