Rules & Regulations



[Unless the context otherwise requires words and expressions contained in these Regulations shall bear the same meaning as in the W.B. Societies Registration Act, 1961 or any Statutory modification therefore. For details see Rules & Regulations of the Society.]


[wptab name=’Definitions’]


ii)   ‘IISRR’ is the abbreviation of  “ INDIAN INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL REFORM  & RESEARCH”

iii)   ‘Governing Body’ or ‘GB’ means the Governing Body of IISRR

iv)   ‘Members’ means all categories of Members of this Society

v)   ‘Office Bearers’ means Office Bearers of the GB of IISRR

vi)   ‘AGM’ means the Annual General Meeting of the Society, IISRR

vii)   ‘BC’ means the Biennial Conference of the Society, IISRR

viii)   ‘President’ means the President of the Society, IISRR


[wptab name=’Membership’]

i)        The Signatories to the Memorandum of Society and the Office Bearers of the Governing Body of the Society shall be first members of the Society (IISRR).

ii)      The Governing Body may admit membership of the Society to any person by any caste, creed and sex, who has attained the Memorandum and Rules & Regulations of the Society and in the opinion of the Governing Body he/ she will be interested in advancement of the objectives of the society. The Governing Body has the absolute power to admit or refuse to admit any person as a member of the Society, without assigning any reason therefore. However, for admission of any member consent of the President and one of the other founder members and any other two members is needed.

iii)    In case of demise of the founder President,/ General Secretary/ or Treasurer, one of their legal heirs will be admitted as the member of the Society.


[wptab name=’Types of Membership’]

i)      Founder & Life Members: Members those who have formed this Society, IISRR and signed this Memorandum in its first meeting, are the Founder & Life Member of the Society.

ii)    Ordinary Members:  Any person(s), whose connection with the Society is deemed to be useful, may apply for the membership of the society in the prescribed Membership From and recommendation of at least three members of the Society, in the manner as prescribed in Clause-3.1(ii) of the Memorandum of IISRR, after notification of Membership by the Governing Body of the Society, for the said purpose.   Such members shall have voting power and shall be eligible to be member(s) of the Governing Body.

iii)    Honorary Members: Any person(s), whose connection with the Society is deemed to be useful, may be co-opted/ elected as honorary member, with the consent of such persons. However, such members shall have no voting power and shall not be eligible to be member(s) of the Governing Body.

iv)   Institutional or Corporate Member: Any institute or organization or company may apply for the membership, but decision of Governing Body & its members regarding acceptance and rejection is final.  Institution or Corporate Members shall have all the right and privileges as the Ordinary Members.


[wptab name=’Cessation of Membership’]

Membership shall be ceased for any of the reasons as mentioned in the Rules& Regulations of the IISRR.