Aims & Objectives

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i)  To undertake and promote quality education for the development of society in general and disadvantage groups in particular.

ii)  To study and conduct research work about the nature & natural resources, education, culture, socio-economic and health conditions of different communities &

castes for effective implementation of development programs as well as integrated rural & urban development for sustainable development of the society at large.

iii)  To take various projects, measures for sustainable development of the Nature and National resources; including Human resources.

iv)  To disseminate awareness about education, culture, environment, nutrition, health, sanitation, and eradicate superstitions etc. among the common people for all round & sustainable development of the community and the environment as a whole.

v)  To establish Educational Institutions for providing quality education and training to both common people, students and teachers, through formal, informal and/ or non-formal modes; and these may also be conducted by regular and distance mode of education; and conducting Research works and extension services.

vi) To promote and encourage advancement of health awareness, cultural heritage, sanitation and ensure promotion of quality life and eliminate social injustice, pollution, superstitions etc.

vii)  To organize seminars, symposiums, workshops, national & international conferences etc. for the purposes as to be deemed fit with the aims & objectives of IISRR..

viii)  To provide assistance with health care support, medicine, food and shelter to the aged, sick, helpless and indigent persons.

ix)  To organize centers for training in nursing, first-aid and to established charitable dispensary, relief camp etc.

x)  To have affiliation with any other institutions, organizations, associations that work for education, health, social development/ reforms and other services.

xi)  To provide affiliation to other institutions, organizations, associations who are performing similar activities, related to promotion of education, culture, health, and/ or social development/ reforms and other services.

xii)  To do all such deeds, matters and things as may be deemed incidental / conductive to the foregoing objectives as well as to ensure educational, health, socio-economic security, peace and integrity of the disadvantaged populations (with medico legal literacy) and youth affairs.

xiii)  To take-up the issues of teen boys & girls, women and deprived communities, so that they can be enable to take up their own initiatives for their self-reliance and empowerment with necessary preventive, curative and rehabilitative measures to prevent pollution and health hazards.

xiv)  To take collaborative Programmes/ Projects with the Govt. Organizations, Educational Institutions, Autonomous Bodies, NGOs, etc. to fulfill the aims and objectives of the Society.

xv)  To take and implement other decisions as to be decided by the society time to time.

xvi)  The income and properties of the society, whatsoever derived or obtained shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the aims and objectives of the society and no portion therefore shall be paid to or divided amongst any of its members by way of profits.