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IISRR-IJR Volume- 8: Issue-II; December, 2022

(A).  Cover – IISRR-IJR, Vol-8, Issue-I, June, 2022

(A-1) Title Page of IISRR-IJR, Vol-8; Issue -I; June, 2022;

1. Narayan Chandra Ghosh & Jhantu Majumder – Establishing Institutional Repository in IIM Calcutta – A Study of DSpace.

2. Dr. Babita Bharadwaj – Relevance of Microteaching in Classroom Transaction- A Case Study on Teachers

3. Swati Banerjee Deb & Dr. Bikash Ranjan Deb – National Revolutionism in Colonial Bengal – A Re-look at a Neglected.

4. Dr. Md. Azizur Rahman, Md. Fazlul Quader Chowdhury, Md. Anisur Rahman – Networking and Resource Sharing …

5. Dr. Moon Jana – Use of Social Media in Travel Planning- An Overview

6. Dr. Avijit Dutta – Google Apps and their Applications in eLearning a study

7. Zarina Deshmukh – Sufism in the writings of Kahlil Gibran and Paulo Coelho.

8. Nazrul Ahmed Zamader – Media Hegemony – A critical analysis of Propaganda and Manufacturing consent in India.

9. Jayabrata Goswami, Pritam, Aritriya, Pratik & Avirup – Design and Model of Obstacle Avoidance and Image Detection Robot using Arduino….

B-1) IISRR News & Reports

B-2) Debraj Sarkar -Report on “IISRR National Workshop- Reassessing NAAC Process -2.7.22

B-3) IISRR- IJR – Authors Guidelines for Articles, Copyright Agreement, IISRR-IJR Membership,