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Volume- 7: Issue – II; August, 2021

(A) Cover-Vol-7, Issue-II, August, 2021

(A-1) Title Page of IISRR-IJR, Vol-7; Issue -II; August, 2021; IISRR-MANUU Virtual Workshop on Art of Writing Research Article


  1. Prof. Saneem Fatima – From the Desk of Dean, SCM, MANUU about the International Workshop
  2. Prof. (Dr.) Tapas Kumar Chatterjee – A Brief about the IISRR-MANUU International Virtual Workshop on “Art of Writing Research Article : Tools & Techniques”
  3. Prof. (Dr.) Jack Holbrook – Steps in Writing a Research Article; Principal and Practices
  4. Prof. (Dr.) S. C. Agarkar – Aims Objectives and Relevance of Selecting a Title of an Article
  5. Prof. (Dr.) Amalendu Bhunia – Statistical Analysis of Survey Data
  6. Dr. Shok MEE Lee – Exploring Gender-Responsive Pedagogy for STEM Education
  7. Prof. (Dr.) T. V. Gopal – Making Information Speak : The IT Way
  8. Mr. Ashis Kumar Samanta – Blockchain Blended Supply Chain for Improved Operational Management
  9. Miss Meu Amoeba Oasis – Legality Of Active Euthanasia: A Socio- Medico Legal Analysis on Euthanasia with Special Reference to India
  10. Miss Subhashree Bera & Prof. M. M. Chel –  COVID-19 Outbreak: Its Difficulties and Convenience on Human Culture
  11. Sri Debabrata Mondal Impact of Climate Change on Livelihood of Sundarbans People & Their Participation in Sustainable Development
  12. Dr. Bubly Sarkar, Rakhi Bhattacharya & Prof. Bijan Sarkar Undergraduate Students’ Mental Health During Pandemic Situation
  13. Miss Chaitali Halder Strategies of Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) at Secondary Level: A Critical Study
  14. Dr. Tamal Sarkar E-Waste threat and solution to the impending e-waste threat in India with special reference to West Bengal
  15. Mrs. Kriti Gularia Strengthening Teachers’ Attitude Towards Inclusive Education: Case Study
  16. Miss Sagnika Shaoo & Prof. (Dr.) B. N. Panda Understanding the Importance of Mental Concentration from the Perspective of Positive Psychology and Yoga for Effective Value Inculcation among Learners
  17. Mr. Biswajit Das Inclusive Education : New Challenges for School Education
  18. Dr. Shnaoli Chakraborty Acharya Unheard Voices : Perception of Student-Teachers of West Bengal on Digital Learning
  19. Dr. Santosh Kumari & CA Neha Singhal Evolving Landscape of Microfinance and Role of Technology
  20. Miss Chaitali Halder & Miss Sagnika Shaoo – A Study on Perception of Faculties Towards Online Training

B) IISRR- IJR – Authors Guidelines for Articles, Copyright Agreement, IISRR-IJR Membership & Programme Schedule of Webinar on 27th September, 2021 at 16.00 hours (IST)