Issue-3 Online Version of the “IISRR-International Journal of Research

IISRR- International Journal of Research

A Peer-Reviewed Half-Yearly Online International Journal for Research Activities & an Initiative of the IISRR

Online Version: ISSN 2394-885X

(Print Version : ISSN 2394- 6873)

Volume: I;      Issue : 3;      June – 2015


       Title  Pages & Editorial

  1. Syed Samsul Alam; Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee – A Brilliant Mathematician and Educator of the Future Minds
  2. S. N. Pathan : Resolution of Mandir-Masjid Conflict in India: A Step towards Religious Harmony: A Case Study of Rameshwar (Rui) model from Maharashtra India.
  3. Gouranga Saha;Prof Rodney L. Doran: Developing Performance-based Assessment Instrument in Science: A How-To Guide
  1. Sudhakar C. Agarkar : Educational Tour of Indian Teachers to UK : Some Lessons…
  2. Sucheta Priyabadini & Santosh Kumar Pradhan: Women Tribes in Transition Amid Alien Environment In Urban City
  3. Ajay Kamble: Estuarine Islands within Mumbai Metropolitan Region: A study of non-geographical, connectivity induced Rural-Urban fringe
  4. Rita Shome; Dr. Bijan Sarkar; Dr. Asit Kumar Das : Environmental Attitudes among Women of Sagar Block at Sundarban Delta in Relation to Their Educational Qualifications
  5. Abir Chattopadhyay: Spot Fixing in IPL: A New Archeology of Spot
  6. Dr Tanmay De Sarkar; Dr Nimai Shit : Usability of e-resources in Calcutta University
  7. Md Azizur Rahman; Dr. Sibsankar Jana: Connotation and Denotation of LIS Education in Bangladesh : An Overview
  8. Asit Bharracharya; B. Raha : Our Houses in the Cosmos; Astronomical Origin of Life

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