vol 2 : issue 1

A) Title Page & Editorial

  1. S. N. Pathan : Bharatiya Chhatra Sansad (Indian Students  Parliament) An Innovative Experiment for Purification of  Democracy
  1. Mouri Ghosh : Bactericidal Effect of 18 Popular Proprietary and Traditional Tooth-Care Agents, in Rural, Outskirts and Urban West Bengal, on Pure Non-Oral and Undefined Mixed Oro-Dental Culture.
  1. Anira Phipon Lepcha& Abrona Lee Pandi Aden : Lepcha Marriage : An Overview
  1. Sarmila Nag & Dr. Sarmila Nag & Dr. Debkumar Bhattacharya : Post–Independence Higher Educational Trend in India
  1. Asit Kumar Das : Economic Science  And  Technology  Education For All  Through  Low-Cost & No-Cost Teaching Aids

B)Author’s Guideline & Agreement;Membership Application;Sponsorship

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