Volume- 7: Issue – III; December 2021

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(A-2). Tribute to Sir C. V. Raman

1. Dr Greg Adamson, University of Melbourne – What the COVID-19 Crisis Means for the Management of Health Information

2. Dr. Asok Kumar Samanta, Keynote Address

3. Dr. Tapas Kumar Chatterjee – Domestic Violence during Covid Pandemic….

4. Dr. Sudarshan Sen – Soft tissue sarcomas and mimicking lesions encountered in surgical c

5. Dr. Santosh Kumari, Ritabrata Majumder, Saptarshi Daw – Evidence of Decoupling in Bitcoin

6. Shah Julkar Nine – The Moral Acceptability of Abortion – in the Context of Bangladesh.

7. Arunava Mondal – Developmental Thinking on North-East India

8. Partha Pratim Haldar – A Study on Attitude Towards Teaching Profession of Rural and Urban Secondary School Teach

9. Taiyeba Tabassum – Health Care and Nutrition Status among Mothers and Adolescent Girls in Bangladesh.

10. Neel Maheswari – The Mathematics and Physics Behind Piano Tuning

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