Vol- 2; Issue- 2; December 2016

A. IISRR- IJR, Vol-2; Issue -1, Title & Content


  1. Prof Syed Samsul Alam & S.N. Alam: Mathematics – Daniel Shechtman, Quasicrystals, and Golden Ratio: A Review of the Great Discovery


  1. Dr. Nripen Bhowmik & Madhubanti: Reviewing the outlook on Cholesterol and Statins


  1. Dr. Nirmala Pawar & Ajoy Kambley: Green House Floriculture And Its Impact On Human Health : An Assessment From Maval, Pune                                                                                                                                                   
  2. M. Basu, A.Pandey, A. Mustafi: An Analytical Neural Network for Arithmetic Logic Unit of Microprocessors


  1. Prof. Asit Kr. DasSome Queries on Inputs for the Draft National Education Policy 2016 : An Overview       

B. IISRR- IJR General Guideline for Articles, Membership, Advertisement & Sponsorship

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