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IISRR- International Journal of Research

A Peer-Reviewed Half-Yearly Online International Journal for Research Activities & an Initiative of the IISRR

Online Version : ISSN 2394–885X

(Print Version : ISSN 2394–6873)

Volume: I;      Issue: 2 (Special Issue);      Mach – 2015

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(A) Title Pages, Editorial, Contents

1. E. S. Raja Gopal – Instrumentation and Measurements- Pathways to New Science and Technology


2. Sunil Palchaudhuri, Eldar Kurtovic,Emir Kurtovic, Prabani Dissanayake, Zhi Mei, Anubha Palchaudhuri– Xylitol  Blocks  Streptococcal  Signal Transduction  Pathway

3. Rajib BandhyopadhyayNear Infra-Red Spectroscopy for Agricultural Applications: Possibilities and Challenges


4. Sarbajit Pal Computerized Control and Diagnostics of Cyclotrons


5. Asok  BandopadhyaySmart Bio-metric Authentication Instrument using Handwritten Text and Signature Verification


6. Panchanan PramanikDevelopments of Electronic Nose and Tongue for Detection Of Diseases


7. Pramila KoparkarInterferometry : A powerful technique in precision measurements


8. Himadri  Acharya-  Patterning Hybrid Thin Film Nanostructures Using Block Co-polymer Template


9. Rajib Paul, Ronald G. Reifenberger, Timothy S. Fisher, Dmitry Y. Zemlyanov- Atomic Layer Deposition Of Reverse Model Catalyst: FeO/Pt(111) For Boundary Interface Mediated Catalytic Activity


10. Madhurima ChattopadhyayStudy on Recent Development of MEMS Pressure Sensorsin Biomedical Applications


11. Dibyendu BhattacharyaA Comprehensive Facility For Exafs Measurements at INDUS-2 Synchrotron Source at RRCAT, Indore, India


12. Tapas Samanta- Technology behind RFID and Its Applications


13. Koushik  GhoshExponential Smoothing in Discrete Signals: Retrospect and Prospects


14. Dipankar Mandal- Nanopiezotronics: A Newly Developed Promising Research Area And Its Applicability In Piezoelectric Based Energy Harvester



15. Saswata Halder, Lata  Agrawal,  Alo Dutta, Md. Sariful Sheikh,  T. P. Sinha-  Structural And Dielectric Relaxation of  AIn ¼ Fe1/4Nb ½ O 3  [A = Ba, Sr, Ca]


16. Debjyoti Chowdhury, Madhurima Chattopadhyay- A Cost Effective Real Time Implementation Of Mems Accelerometer Based Smart Bracelet For Physiological Activity Measurement In A Human Being


17. Soumya Roy, Sankar Narayan Patra, Subhas Chandra Panj- Solar Irradiance Data Transmission based on Quasi Real Time Lossless Compression Algorithm


18. Wahida Rahman, Samiran Garain, Tapas Ranjan Middya, Dipankar Mandal- A Simple Method Of Zno Nanoparticle Synthesis And Effect Of Surfactant On Their Optical Properties


19. Rajat Kumar Patra and DipankarMandal- Carbon Nanotube Assisted Ulta-Thin Poly(Vinylidene Fluoride Films For Developing Ferroelectric Based Memory Device: A Scanning Probe Microscopy Study


20. AnupamMaity, Samir Kumar Ghosh, Sankar Narayan Patra- An Interpretation On Randomness Of EEG Signal Based On Fractal Dimension Analysis


21. Md. Mehebubalam, Sujoy Kumar Ghosh, and DipankarMandalEnergy Harvesting Performance Of A Lead Free Hybrid Piezoelectric Nanogenerator


22. Chandreyi Roy and  Chandra Sekhar Nandi- Face Recognition Based On Edge Detection Algorithm


23. Hena Ray, AlokeshGhosh, TarunkantiGhosh, Amritasu Das, Nabarun Bhattacharyya- Graphics Controller Ip Core For Embedded Applications


24. Swatilekha Roy, Sachindranath Das, JBM KrishnaInvestigation Of Formation Of Metal Nano Particles In Conducting Polymers By Ion Implantation


25. Ayesha Sultana, Md. Mehebub Alam, Tapas RanjanMiddya,  Dipankar MandalLow Temperature Synthesis Of WurtziteZnsNanorods


26. Tulika Ojha, Arindam Sarkar, Madhurima  Chattopadhyay- Performance Evaluation Of Two Types Of Mems Micro Switches For Radio Frequency Applications : A Simulation Study


27. Prakriti Adhikary, Samiran  Garain, Dipankar  Mandal- Performance Of A Self-Poled Hydrated Salt Assisted Sponge Like Piezoelectric Generator: An Effective Mechanical Energy Harvester


28. Samiran Garain,  Dipankar Mandal- Preparation Of Copper Oxide Nanostructure As Buffer Layer On Electrode Materials For Monitoring The Electrical Properties Of Ferroelectric Polymer


29. Probir Kumar Sarkar, Samiran Garain, and Dipankar MandalPreparation Of Solvent Dependent Silver Nanoparticles Doped PVDF


30. Debashis Sarkar, Sankar Narayan Patra, Simul Banerjee, Subhash Chandra PanjaA Search Of Hidden Trend In Failure Data Of Signalling System Under South Eastern Rail, India


31. Biswajit Mahanty, Samiran Garain, Sujoy Kumar Ghosh, DipankarMandalThe Fabrication Of Flexible Hybrid Nanogenerator For Self-Powering Devices


32. Santanu Jana,  Dipankar MandalThe Piezoelectric In Zno-PvdfNanocomposite For Realistic Flexible Energy Harvesting Device Fabrication


33. Kuntal Maity, Samiran Garain,  Dipankar Mandal- The Solvent Dependent Influence On Electroactive Phases Formation In Poly (Vinylidene Fluoride) Films Preparation


34. S. Mandal,  A. Dhar,  S. K. Ray- Zno Tripods Grown By Catalyst Free Vapor-Solid Method


35. Sujoy Kumar Ghosh, Wahida Rahman, T. R. Middya, Dipankar MandalMontmorillonite Induced ?-Phase In Pvdf With Superior Dielectric Property


36. Fazle Kibria, Anima Sen,  Biswajit Majumder-  Fabrication Of Computer Assist Pencil Shaped Optical Fiber Tips For  Potential Application In Biomedical Small Object Imaging


37. Mainak Basu, Abhishek Pandey,   Abhijit Mustafi- An Analytical Neural Network For Arithmetic Logic Unit Of Microprocessors


38. Atanu Roy, Apurba Ray, Debarati Mazumder, Sachindranath Das – Synthesis And Characterization Of Transparent Flexible Conducting Layer



39. Poulami Das,  Subhas Chandra Panja,  Sudip Naskar,  Sankar Narayan Patra- A new Approach based on Genetic Algorithm for de-noising Corrupted Signal


40. S. Kar  and  S. Kundoo – Synthesis And Characterization Of Lead Iodide (Pbi2) Thin Films By Solution Route


41. Sudip Biswas, Rashmita Das, Dipanjan Chakraborty, Rajib Bandhyopadhyay, Panchanan Pramanik- Electrochemical Determination Of Dopamine And Uric Acid In Presence Of Ascorbic Acid By Nitrogen Doped Multilayered Graphene Flakes Electrode


42. Rashmita Das, Susmita Pradhan, Radhaballabh Bhar, Panchanan Pramanik, Rajib Badyopadhyay-

Classification Of Tea Samples With Iridium Nanoparticles Incorporated Activated Carbon Electrode



43. Ankita Sen, A.K Sen – Multiple Point Wireless Temperature Sensors



44. Sunil Palchaudhuri,  Charu Jha- Two component signal transduction and DNA transfer in antibiotic resistance


45. Ritwika Mitra, Sougata Jana Natural Polymer Based Nanoparticles For Sustained Drug Delivery: Preparation And Characterization


46. B. Ghosh, D. Ghosh, S. Hussain, R. Bhar,  A.K. PalStable LPG Sensor Based On Bn/Pd Composite Films By Pld Technique


47. Sunil Palchaudhuri,  Biplab Chatterjee- Xylitol, an Alternative Treatment Against Pneumonia , When Penicillin Fails


48. S.R. Bhattacharyya,, R. Ayouchi, J.R. Barrado, R. Schwarz –Fabrication and Characterization of Electrophoretically Deposited WO3 Dye Sensitized Solar Cells


49. Dibyendu Biswas, Swarup Poria, Sankar Narayan Patra –An Overview of Energetic Approaches Describing Biological Growth Processes


50. R. N. Gayen, P. Laha, A. Barman – Fabrication of magnetic nanowires by template assisted pulsed electro-deposition technique


(B) Author’s Guideline & Agreement, Membership Application, Sponsorship


(C) Photographs of Inauguration Of Symposium and Opening of IISRR-International Journal of Research

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