Volume: 5;Issue: I & II; July-December,2019

IISRR-International Journal of Research

Online Version: ISSN 2394-885X;   Print version : ISSN 2394- 6873

Volume: 5;  Issue: I & II; July-December,  2019


List of Files

A) IISRR- IJR, Vol-5; Issue -I & II, 2019, Title & Content

  1. Somesubhra Sensarma – Application of ISO Standards in Climate Change
  2. Nripen Bhoumik- Indiscriminate Use of Gastric Acid Suppressors – Life Threatening Side Effects
  3. Dr. Sudhakar C. Agarkar_ Learning through Augmented Reality-modified
  4. Dr. Tapas Chatterjee – Discrimination to the Transgender Persons in India and Rights Movements A Perspective
  5. Dr. Samriddhi Sarkar – Need for Introduction of anti Rabies vaccine in the NIS
  6. Kunal Hazra- A Study of In-Service Special Educators, Teachers’ Attitude Towards Gender Issues
  7. Shok Mee Lee – Promoting Outdoor STEM Education through PBL Approach
  8. Sunil Palchaudhuri, Eldar Kurtovic, Emir Kurtovic – Xylitol Blocks Streptococcal Signal

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